VESL or eTrips

which is better for you?

eTrips is generalized for the masses. vesl is tailored to your specific needs.
Quick Overview

eTrips is built in a traditional method of static requirements. VESL provides a personalized experience specific to your requirements. Both meet multiple reporting requirements through a different process and experience. With eTrips you have additional steps that aren't necessarily required by your agency. VESL is tailored to only require information for your specific reporting needs.

Comparison Chart

Simple Interface

VESL's minimal design allows you to file reports in a few clicks. eTrips breaks up the reporting process using multiple screens.

One Touch Reporting

Both meet the requirements of multiple agencies.
VESL personalizes the form for you.
eTrips may require information not used by your agency.

Real-Time Validation

All agencies have minimum requirements to ensure data is accurate. VESL's validation is concise, direct and immediate. In eTrips validations may be delayed until the report is submitted.

Compliance Overview

Nobody likes penalties. VESL keeps track of your compliance for you. With eTrips, tracking compliance will be your responsibility.


Adding records to a report can be tedious.
VESL has a grid view for quickly adding multiple records to a report. In eTrips, all records must be added individually.

Recently Used

Quickly finding an item in a large list is difficult.
VESL uses historical reports to move your most recently used items to the top. eTrips uses a static favorites list that must be created and managed.

Which is right for you?