VESL | The unified trip ticket system


The electronic reporting system of the seafood industry. VESL is the next generation of the Trip Ticket system found on the Gulf & Atlantic coast. It is designed to simplify the reporting process between business owners & the government. Keep reading... It's no secret that reporting to the government is complex. Every agency is different in what they collect and how they do it. In the past this meant a new system was built when the requirements of an agency were different. This quick added complexity and wasn't a long term solution.

With the growth of technology, we now have a unified system that is flexible enough to meet the differing requirements without the additional complexity. VESL was built with both business owners and government agencies in mind. We are dedicated to making this system great for all parties involved.


Andrew Petersen

Husband, uncle, entrepreneur, & traveler that stumbled upon his love for technology. He values working hard to improve in all aspects of life, while also realizing that it's not all about the destination, but the process of getting there.

Claude Petersen

Claude is the founder of Bluefin Data and has a long history in data collection. He is currently maintaining historical software and is constantly improving his knowledge of new technologies.